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The Mental Health Foundation is a UK based organisation which raises money and awareness for mental health. The Mental Health Foundation uses ‘prevention’ as their main strategy for tackling mental health. On their website they talk about the three types of prevention, primary, secondary and tertiary prevention. Primary being preventing problems before they emerge. Secondary being prevention for people exposed to inequality, and tertiary being prevention for those already experiencing problems. They have different money raising techniques from traditional sporting sponsorships to awareness campaigns and gaming events. They have released ‘how to’ guides about maintaining good mental health that anyone and everyone can easily access on their website. They use their money in several ways. One of the main ways is conducting their own research to discover more about what goes on in people’s brains. They also like to keep their donators and followers up to date with a weekly newsletter. They have a podcast and share individual’s mental health stories on their website to encourage the ‘you are not alone’ ethos.
Based in Bournemouth, England.
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Important Helplines

Mind Helpline – 0300 123 3393
Suicide Prevention Line – 116 113
NHS Helpline – 111 (England)

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